When we moved house during our 5th year of marriage, we lived closer to the beach, very close, like 1/8 of a mile.  The husband bought a kite and announced that everyone was going to learn to fly the kite and we would have so much fun on the beach. Here it is 2016, and the kite is in its original package.  Whenever anyone touched the kite they were told to leave the kite alone.  If the children asked when were they going to learn to fly the kite, the Cheater would say, “Later!”  He is now gone after being confronted with cheating.  As I sorted through the house preparing for another uprooting, I found the kite still in its original packaging.  It is a symbol.  Our entire marriage and his entire interactions with the children has been one long unflown kite.

Facts: After almost twenty years of marriage, my husband moved us (including my orphaned grandchildren whose mother, my daughter died unexpectedly from a heart attack) across (literally, 3000 miles) the country. Bought a house. Within a year (9 months) at the new place (where he knows everyone and we know no one) he started cheating with a dried up drunken whore he knew from high school. Now, he’s pissed that I won’t take the kids and leave without trying to get a divorce settlement.  He can die in a fire (as long as it’s an accidental fire, so the insurance will pay double).

Sometimes on this blog I have to speak in code.I used to have a B-L-O-G, nothing fancy or popular that was read by my people. And it helped me a lot to share with my loved ones. It had to be sent away.  Because the whore and cheater camped out all day and cried victim to attorneys and such.  Now, I have to scream into the abyss and hope strangers will acknowledge my suffering. Which is hardly ever, because the blogging world seems to be like high school. Some people get sympathy and comments and others don’t. Shrug.