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47 comments on the latest blog entry.

I have yet to see a woman in the infidelity blog world (who has been cheated on, other than Chump Lady) who has this level of following.

So many people, including ones who have been cheated on just can’t stay away from the nasty bastards, can they?  If I’m going to metaphorically suck a dick, it ain’t going to be one attached to a known cheater.


His whining is nothing but attention-seeking whining.

Attention needs to be given to people who need it to heal, not to those who need it because they are use to having it.

It really is a man’s world. How many people really give a damn about the female (wives/mothers) victims? Don’t want to hear her stories, “Too depressing…..too real…..blah blah blah blah blah I’m really just a candied ass sexist asshole who really don’t give a fuck about the female perspective!”  No, no one wants to hear a story that has become commonplace.  It’s all, “Yada yada yada, woman grows older husband cheats…move on….Let’s not think of her, let’s explore the mind of the cheater……so so fascinating!”

If he loved his wife, truly loved her, he would divorce her (and provide for her) and let her have a new life without his cheating ass.  Not cry  about being nervous about triggering her.  Because, if he hadn’t cheated he wouldn’t have to worry about triggering her.  Poor him. No one know what he suffers!

Don’t come to my blog cheater, then follow it to attempt to lure me into your whining fest.

You have enough kiss-asses already following your stinky thoughts,  I’m not the one.


I refuse to give shit, not even a passing glance to a known cheater.  Mark me off the list.


“Oh yes, I totally understand the benefits of not getting tangled up in trying to untangle the skein of fuckupness, but I so totally want to see his perspective [A.K.A as an example of untangling the skein of fuckupness].  Or maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment!”

“Yes, yes, I understand the concept of ‘no contact’, but that only means ‘no contact’ with my cheater, it doesn’t mean ‘no contact’ with someone else’s cheater.” In which I would beg to differ.  They all need to be no contact. Cheaters only flourish because there is some “kind and understanding” woman waiting to take on his shit.

Let them flounder!  Don’t take in their stories.  Don’t take in their children.  Don’t take in their problems.  Let them learn to sink or swim the way they have done to the women they have cheated on.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. knmh12 says:

    PREACH! Shall we discuss the women who refuse to believe cold, hard facts about their cheating husbands (check out my blog). The women who make excuses due to being too cowardly to live alone?

    The husbands cheat due to knowing the wives will put up with it and stay married.

    No way, not me, I left his cheating ass and never looked back. I am better and stronger without his cheating and lying!


    1. williexplode says:

      I don’t have the URL to your blog or I would read it.


      1. knmh12 says:

        Sorry, I am not sure why it is not showing.


  2. SpaghettiSam says:

    I think they get so many hits because they have a wide audience. The have the betrayed spouses who read because so many people DO want to reconcile and they want to fix what went wrong. What better way to understand how your own cheater thinks than by reading the blog of, and communicating with, an actual cheater, or so they believe? And if they are a remorseful cheater then it’s even better. They can ask the questions their own spouse isn’t willing to answer. They can ask those questions and not worry they’re going to get an angry reaction.

    Fellow cheaters like to read and comment because they have something in common and here is someone telling them that they’re to a bad person for doing what they did. Hey, we’re all human!

    I’ve also seen a lot of OW on these blogs as well, and of course, they are sympathetic to the cause as well.

    It’s usually a big old group of people excusing one another’s bad behavior, with a big helping of betrayed spouses hoping that by reading along they’ll be able to fix their own damaged marriages.

    I’m always surprised when men who cheat read my blog. I can’t imagine why on earth they would want to.


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