Doctor Foster

If you have been cheated on, you should watch Doctor Foster.   The first season was a bit triggering.  The second series is now available on Netflix, and it is two years later.  So far in the first episode, the ex-husband is as much as a cheating prick as before.  He comes back from being away and is now super rich and is still with his home wrecking whore/baby mama.   The ex-wife is a bit obsessive and encourages her son to have a relationship with his father far more than I would endeavor.   All her friends shit on her by telling her they will not go to her ex-husband’s wedding party, but do.  Fake asses. Doctor Foster desperately needs to learn the value of no contact.   She knows that he “plays games” and she is no match for/to him.  For example, she breaks into tears when she receives a bouquet of flowers with a card from here that says, “Bitch.”  If my ex-husband sent me a bouquet of flowers with a card that says, “Bitch,” I would feel the victor.  That means he is worrying about me with his crusty ass while I’m not worrying about him one iota.

Nevertheless, a decent series worth a view, although a bit dramatic and the sex scenes are gratuitous.

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  1. Hahahahaha If my ex-husband and I didn’t get along and he sent me flowers like that, I would die laughing. I will have to check this show out.


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