On the Today show this morning, the topic of driving while texting came up and the story covered how people who text and/or use cell phones while driving are 8 times more likely to cause a crash.  You know what I say? These people are selfish horrible human beings.  Nothing is on that damn phone that cannot wait.  If someone/something demands your time that much, you need to re-think your values.

I’m sure my above opinion is not favorable among many people, because many people refuse to consider the health of society as a whole. They want to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Funny thing about infidelity, for some (me) it tends to make us less tolerant of bullshit from other daily interactions that have nothing to do with cheating specifically. Being shitted on is no longer acceptable.  The acceptance ship has sailed. What I tolerated before for the sake of civility and polite society is no longer tolerable.

People want to compartmentalize their bad behavior and/or assign value in order to rationalize behaving badly. My ex-husband is a fucking cheater, and you know what, he couldn’t leave his fucking phone alone when he was driving. I stopped riding with him years before his infidelity was revealed.  If it wasn’t his stupid insistence on listening to misogynistic radio (Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, etc),  it was his obsessive need to search for something on his phone while driving.  If we passed a restaurant, he would search the Yelp reviews.  Yet, if someone honked or went around him in an assertive manner, they had some mysterious reason for targeting him, –not anything to do with his obviously impaired  driving.  No Google search could wait until later because, “He may forget!”  And any suggestion to leave it was an attempt to “control him.” In the end, I decided it wasn’t worth fighting about when I could easily find reasons not to ride with him anymore. It was easier to make up excuses to meet him places in my car.  Because he was Mr. Lone Wolf that wanted to wander home on his own time, it was not that difficult to convince him to give in.  For example, the man could not come straight home from work without stopping at a grocery store.  It was nothing for him to drop $40-$60 a night,  thus, bringing home food that would be thrown out because we could only eat so much deli-meat and such before it spoiled.  Of course the food spoiling (wasted money) was my fault as well. And there was never any money for me, or his dependents.

No more.

I refuse to tolerate insensitivity, callousness, inconsideration, and disposability from ANYONE.  Oh yes, it makes for a difficult life because at every corner there is someone trying to treat you (me) like shit.  Don’t believe it?  Then start paying attention. The status quo seems to be people wanting, no, needing, to create a hierarchy of being shitted on.  So and so was shitted on at work, so they get in their car and shit on the so and so who is trying to merge into the lane. On and on… Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

A perfect example is how cashiers in stores like Walmart can’t bother to utter a word to you (me) when you plop down over $100 worth of goods. I am fucking unemployed and have been unable to find work.  My money means something to me.  Every last penny means something. My money isn’t thrown around at Starbucks, fast-food or pizza.

Why should I bust my ass to make a profit for Walmart? Okay, someone has to load up the conveyor belt.  Not all stores are like Trader Joe’s (and there are no Trader Joe’s around here, or there where we were, only there we we used to be before he moved us 3000 miles to be closer to his whore) where the basket is pushed through on the side of the cashier and the cashier takes each item out, scans it and then bags it.  That’s customer service.

Okay, I have to load the conveyor belt myself, that’s all right, at least I don’t have to bag the groceries myself. Yet, I am expected to go through this entire transaction without a single utterance.  Nothing.  Pure silence.  The thing is you know when that insensitive bastard/bitch cashier was interviewing for the job they were all on board with, “Sure, I can deliver great customer service.”  Liar.

Just like a lying cheater.




Certainly, everyone has a bad day here or there, but your fucking job is to deliver customer service.  Just like it’s a husband’s job not to CHEAT!  But the status quo tells  you that you need to accept that shit because everyone needs to shit.  Eat it up. If you don’t want to misplace your anger on someone else then you are left simply being shitted on without any recourse.

In the situation in which a cashier doesn’t say a word to me, I have begun asking them when the transaction is over (because I want to give them an opportunity to change the situation at any moment) if during their interview did they say they were capable of providing customer service.  Most of them just look at me stupid. And victimized!  How dare a customer spending his/her last pennies expect human interaction!

Still.  It gets worse.  The other evening I went to Walmart and not one cashier-serviced register was open.  NOT ONE. It was all Scan and Go.  Not only are you to give Walmart your money, now you are to do the job of a cashier, WHILE A CAMERA (as well as an associate) is suspiciously staring you down.

What the fuck?

Not only does Walmart get to save on overhead by not employing cashiers, you are expected to give them your money and do the work.  And it has happened at Target before too.  It was in the middle of winter and there was nothing but Scan and Go.  I saw a “manager” and asked if there were any registers opened.  He responded with, “Yes, this one.”  I swear to GOD,  he went over and turned the light on and expected me to pretend as if the light had been on all the while and I had missed it.  Really?  Fuck you, you fake fuck.  You wanted to save on overhead so you could brag at the next meeting.

I couldn’t take it anymore at Walmart the other night.  I had a whole basket of groceries, more than normally since the children’s other grandmother had sent me some money.  At least $160 worth.  There were some good items in there too, like some pork cutlets that my sister has been raving about.  But I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t.  There was no register opened.  So I asked a yellow vested supervisor if there were any registers opened.  She was very receptive and led me to believe there was hope.  In the end, she said, “No, you have to do Scan and Go.”  I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t.  I told her no, I’m not, and left the basket there, right there.  Of course, it cost me.  It cost me time, and I had to go to another Walmart and shop all over again.  Plus, they didn’t have everything the first Walmart had.  I reflected on it and asked myself all about cutting my nose off to spite my face and that whole mental process.  Still, I don’t regret doing it.

I am so sick of being treated like shit.

If the tale of the boiling frog is ever so apt, it is now with our society.  It’s all about accepting shitty behavior.  Accept the shitty behavior and then you shouldn’t be surprised when your spouse treats you like shit by treating and financially abandoning you. Accept the shitty drivers risking your life.  Accept the big corporations taking your money and making you work to give it to them.

Eat the shit.

Eat the shit.

Eat the shit.

Eat the shit.

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  1. You remind of me of this man and his rants.

    And you’re both right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. williexplode says:

      I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂


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