What Your Husband Told the Homewrecker

If you are easily embarrassed, you should brace yourself at the thought of what your husband has told his whore, the homewrecker. He has told his whore every little inconsequential detail and mannerism of yours and he does it with a poor pitiful, “look what I had to put up” angle. Nothing that you shared with your husband that happened to you as a child, that you’ve said or done that you may have lived to regret, no interaction with one of your family members, no little habit or unconscious tic is too insignificant or too private for your husband to reveal to his whore. Not only has he told her unflattering things about you, he will continue to bring stuff up. Each time he will put a twist on it that makes you appear more unhinged than whatever he brought up before. It’s what cheaters do to seduce allies.  The whole time the whore is convinced he will never betray her in the same way.  It’s as if she has some magic or way of dealing with him that you were not equipped with.  That is how she convinces herself that she is special, superior.

If you want to limit the ammunition that he can cry to his whore about, you must maintain as little contact as possible. He will relay each text, email, phone conversation, or interaction in court to the whore as some significant drama that further demonstrates your instability and his heroic-victimization.

He is a horrible person. Good husbands do not cheat. Good husbands communicate to their wives about their marriage.  Good husband do not triangulate.

My husband’s whore proudly stood up in court and said that my husband gives her everything about us (me and the children).  If he has to go to court, as soon as he is done, he sends her all the documentation.  If we (the court) didn’t believe it, she could show us on her phone (right there in court).  When my attorney asked her if she had our medical records and everything else, she said, “Yes!”

She offered it up as if she had glitter amongst the chicken-feed.

The Minister:
Witchcraft’s information is genuine! It’s been gold!

George Smiley:
It’s just enough glitter amongst the chicken-feed. Control didn’t believe in miracles, and he didn’t believe in Witchcraft. But you were lazy, and you were greedy, and so you forced him out of the Circus and you let Karla in.

Of course, this is a 180 reversal on how he handled/shared things with me.  For 20 years nothing was ever shared with me.   One time when he came back from the DMV to register our vehicles, I asked him how it went, and his mother (who was over) sneered and griped about how I ask him too many questions.  It’s a typical narcissist move to rope the whore and mother in by sharing. I am sure the whore expressed some little tidbit about wanting to be involved and helping and he ran with it.  Whereas I tried to give him space and treated him like a responsible adult.  I would ask questions (that I seldom got answers to) but it was never my job to replace his domineering mother.

When you feel yourself giving in to his demands during the divorce, you need to remember his betrayal. You need to remember how he shared everything he possibly could to his whore.

His behavior does not deserve consideration when it comes to a settlement. If he has to henceforth live on half of his income, so bit it, it was of his own making.
The whore can supplement since she was so eager to supplement during the marriage.

What did your husband tell his whore about you?


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  1. foreverchanged2014 says:

    I asked him if he told his “girlfriend” that I was crazy. He said yes. I then proceeded to ask him how much he badmouthed his wife and mother of his children to his whore. (He said nothing.) I’m sure he told her we didn’t appreciate him, that he paid for EVERYTHING, blah, blah. Which is bullshit. The lies they tell themselves and the whores is absolute crap.


    1. williexplode says:

      Homewreckers use what the cheater says to justify her part in the affair. Yet, they rarely seek out to discover if he is lying or not. So, they want to believe it. It’s the arrogance that gets me. She is so certain that she can do for him what another woman wasn’t able to do. Dumb bitch. There is a bit of social conditioning to expect a heterosexual man to betray a woman if he wants to cheat, but you would think women would stick together and not provide refuge for these assholes.

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  2. My answer would be I guess slightly different, given that the whore in my case is out of the picture now.

    The whore was his co-worker and had attended social events that we hosted. She had met my daughter, and later my son (during whose pregnancy, my husband tripped and fell into her vagina).

    Also, his whore was a very respectful type, because I am referred to as Mam in their conversations, if ever I was referred to. What I find very disrespectful is that the children were discussed more than the wife.

    His whore knew that she had short shelf life, and never wanted any extra emotions to enter (especially any sense of guilt), by talking about the wife who was the betrayed spouse in their illicit relationship.

    They discussed money, and the children.

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    1. williexplode says:

      I seem to remember having a conversation with a theorist, or maybe it was an intellectual exercise I had with myself, regarding the “ownership” of children. Some theorists would say that we do not own our children, that children are not property. At the expense of saving my time (and keeping my eyes from rolling), I would give that to the theorist and say, “Okay, we do not own our children, but we are most certainly the guardian of our children.”

      Having said that, the betrayal when discussing our children with outsiders, particularly poisonous outsiders (like a home wrecking whore) is a truly deep and hurtful betrayal. But, I disagree that it is not emotional if it is not about us (the wives) personally. What is it when it is our children but emotional and a direct assault on us? Because how can any child be discussed without considering his or her mother (the main guardian in most cases)?

      See, I would imagine if my horrid husband discussed my child with his whore it would be something in his favor and against me, such as, “My daughter is angry with me because her mother turned her against me!” He will take it back to the fight he has with me through using the child as the subject. Or I can imagine how it would go something like a complaint, “She is turning the boy into a little mama’s boy, and the girl will not pick up a pencil to save her life, and don’t expect any of them to say ‘thank you’” (which is a roundabout way of saying, “their mother doesn’t teach them to respect my contribution.” Which the whore will then say, “If they were in my charge the girl would be doing her multiplication tables daily and the boy will be enrolled in football, etc.” I guess all that to say, you were most certainly “the elephant in the room,” believe me. Maybe you weren’t talked about, but you were talked about.

      I still cannot get over my husband’s whore approaching my daughter at court. The very court that we were at because the whore was trying to get a restraining order against me (I know, I’m a broken record with the restraining order business). My daughter was with me because of the timing of the day and the various schedules I had to attend to. How dare that woman, who has never met my daughter, approached her! How did she know what the child looked like? And then the silly woman thought my daughter should be receptive toward her. We were there because the whore brought us there. Why on earth would my daughter think it was a social gathering in which she was to make nice with her father’s whore? The boundaries crossed by these cheaters and homewreckers are astounding.

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      1. “I guess all that to say, you were most certainly “the elephant in the room,” believe me. Maybe you weren’t talked about, but you were talked about.”

        I completely get what you are saying, and yes, though I couldn’t articulate it that well, when they brought the children into their conversation, they had already crossed a line.

        During the course of the time she was there, my daughter accompanied her Dad to a office trip where the whore was also a part. His whore made a complete photo album of pictures of her with my daughter including one where my girl is kissing her cheek.

        Barring one picture, both of them are smiling, and the whore looks straight into the camera.

        The holy fuck business is that my 4 year old daughter also let me know about how XYZ came into Daddy’s room, and left crying. The whore wanted a fuck that my husband refused.

        His whore complained to the love of her life when I blocked her from the kids’ social media.

        You are true, once the perimeter is breached, no boundary holds for these cheaters.

        I am glad she turned out to be the psycho bitch who gave my husband shivers on summer days – his entire career, company and reputation could have ended at one stroke from her. And as I know my husband, he wouldn’t want his good boy image tarnished.

        Please take care. Virtual Hugs.

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  3. foreverchanged2014 says:

    From the conversation after the affair was over I asked my husband if they ever talked about our kids. She told him he would make a wonderful father to her son (ugh, puke) and asked if he thought our daughters would like her. To which he just looked at her and really had no answer. This makes me assume the conversation happened when she came to our city. She tried to make their relationship seem like it could really happen and it was in fact her demise. He never thought once about them meeting her even though he wanted to divorce me for her. He knew our daughters would never accept her, never. In his mind that would never happen because he knows his girls and the loyalty they have to me and when she asked that it was the beginning of the end. Farewell homewrecking whore…

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    1. williexplode says:

      Wow. You know if anyone ever wants to study personality types who cross boundaries they maybe should start with homewreckers. She was ready to step right in and poach your husband and your children. It’s like all married women have to be on guard all the time.

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      1. foreverchanged2014 says:

        I think for some homewreckers it’s the thrill of secrecy and being able to take something that belongs to someone else. They are as selfish as the cheating spouse. For others like my husband’s OW it is the above but so much more. She didn’t play the independent woman, she was the damsel in distress and my husband wanted to save her. She inflated his ego and gave him sob story after sob story. Mind you she had a fiancé who adored her. She obviously didn’t feel he could give the life she desperately wanted, so she latched onto my husband who was older, more financially stable, showed his commitment by how long we had been together, and she layed on the charm. Told him how wonderful he was, how young he looked for his age, blah, blah. She sure was trying to poach my family and I wasn’t going to walk away without a fight.

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