Homewreckers Other Than the One with Your Husband, Part II

Do you remember in my first post, Homewreckers Other Than the One with Your Husband, Part I, , how I mentioned that it is challenging (to say the least) to get along at work and other social functions in the company of a loud and proud homewrecker. Today was another day working with Melinda, the homewrecker who likes to use sports analogies when talking about her married-boyfriend and his children and his wife and her own children.  It’s a bunch of winning team this and up-to-bat that and goalpost jargon.

The typical home wrecker stereotypes that she falls into are astounding. For example, she called her married-boyfriend’s wife a “crazy bitch” four times in a three-minute spiel about their previous weekend.  It  was his turn to have the children for a few days and the home wrecker rode with him (an hour away) to pick them up.  Apparently, the wife isn’t ready to tell the children that their father is gone because of an affair and is on track to blend his children with another set of children.  Melinda (the home wrecker) said since she has now been dating her married-boyfriend for a year, it is no longer up to the wife when and what the children find out.  The wife had her chance to be the first one to talk to the children.  In other words, the cheater and the homewrecker decide when the wife has had enough time to adjust, not the injured party, — the wife.

Because Melinda (the home wrecker) is ready to bring her married-boyfriend’s children into her life and the married-boyfriend doesn’t care what she, as the home wrecker does with his children, according to the homewrecker the wife needs to get in step and go along with the new narrative.

Can you believe the audacity?  The boundaries crossed?  The overall callousness?

I asked Melinda if the wife had a problem with the husband/father picking up the children and she said no, the wife mainly had a problem with Melinda coming with him.  So, I asked Melinda why didn’t she wait at a coffee shop or somewhere else in order to keep the peace.  She said, “No.  He has been my [married]-boyfriend for a year [who knows how much of that year did the wife actually know of the affair], so the wife needs to get over it already!”

Also, I caught her in a big fat lie. Only eight weeks ago, she said that she wasn’t divorced from her husband, not legally anyway.  They have been living separately for over five years.  The first three of those years the husband lived in her basement, until he moved out.  In our county, if your income is low enough you can apply for fee waivers; including court-filing fees.  Supposedly, she makes more money than her husband does.  His income qualifies him for a fee waiver. So a few months ago, she was complaining about how he won’t get off his duff and go file for divorce.  Remaining married to him hasn’t been a problem before, but it is now that she has the new married-boyfriend on her radar.  Well, today she asked me how my divorce was coming along and I mentioned how the court didn’t have an available date until three months from now.  Do you know what she said?  She said, “Can you believe it?  My divorce only took a week. One week, that’s it!” I couldn’t even fix my face.  I had to find an excuse to walk away in mid-sentence.  She is so not divorce.   That homewrecker is so loud and willing to share a little tidbit of her sordid life that we would’ve heard all the details if her husband had gone and filed for divorce.

Of course, one home wrecking whore’s behavior doesn’t equate to all home wrecking whores behavior.  But this tale is what I am seeing from the point-of-view of a blithering home wrecking whore.  She wants what she wants and everyone else be damned, and truth, boundaries, and considerations are meaningless.


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